Thursday, 18 July 2013

I recently flew overseas for our holiday in Europe but left SA with a blocked nose and flu. I had no worries as I knew I was armed in-flight with my EarPlanes, which effortlessly equalized the difference in air pressure causing me to suffer no pain or discomfort.
We arrived in France, what a dream, the city was beautiful but freezing cold. Thinking we were going to a warmer climate we were ill prepared for the cold and rain that hit us as we hopped frenetically between the sights. The extremely cold wind at the top of the Eiffel Tower caused me such pain, so I whipped out a pair of EarHurts- never travel with out EarHurts. You never know when a cold or ear-pain will set in and leave you scrambling for doctors or medical assistance in a foreign country (not a good experience).
We finally left the freezing "mild" weather of France to be hit by a 45 degree heat wave in Greece.
Hitting the beach I searched my pool bag for BioEars, my daughter sometimes prefers the Cirrus Swim plugs but I found that even after dropping my BioEars into the sand I could merely wash them off and reinsert.
As I left the beach, my husband who refuses to wear earplugs complained of having sea water trapped in his ear- TADA - ClearEars, which by the time we got home had absorbed all the water trapped in his ear that was causing him discomfort.
Now people we take our city living for granted -sleeping in a cosmopolitan city like Greece is noisy and very unsettling, so I used CloudSoft noise protection earplugs to drown out the sounds of the city with its traffic and watermelon vendors which sell you water melons at 6 in the morning - go figure! They even fetch the refuse bins at 2 in the morning as its too hot to work in the day, they rattle the bins and have sirens marking their arrival.
With my CloudSofts securely in place i could begin to enjoy the holidays and get the rest I was so craving for.

So that was my EARPLUG TRAVELLING EXPERIENCE  I always say better be prepared than get stuck somewhere with out a possible solution. Trust me, travelling with my earplugs made my holiday a joy.