Friday, 30 August 2013

Now that we are all looking forward to summer and have that 'Spring fever', I am hearing so many complaints in the gym, at school and at work, how everybody has sinus pain and resulting in headaches etc.
Of course we don't think that the trees are shedding pollen at a staggering rate and that the rain has not yet come to wash it all away. Did you know that different trees flower at different times? Therefore we generally have this problem re-occurring throughout the year.
What does that have to do with my ears you may ask?
Well, everything actually. Your sinuses, ears, eyes and head are all connected, if one is affected by allergic reactions then there will be effects on all these other areas.
That is why EARHURTS help so much with allergic rhinitis and symptoms thereof. They are natural, safe and can be used year-round even with grommets or medication.
Once the ear plug is inserted it is warmed up by your body temperature and healing vapours are released into the ear canal which helps to sooth pain not only in the ears but sinuses as well.

A multi purpose product. Use it - it works!!