Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Protecting Ears

Sleepless nights, tons of tears and repeated wails that “my ear hurts!”

We’ve all heard these words from countless parents.

It turns out that summer time + swimming fun = swimmer’s ear.

Not every child will get swimmer’s ear, but if you have cared for a child who has had swimmer’s ear, you know how incredibly painful it can be.

Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is an inflammation of the external ear canal. It’s caused when water gets into the ear and doesn’t drain properly. That’s when the ear canal can become irritated and infected. Your child may complain that her ear itches or hurts, especially when she moves her head.

So what can you do to prevent swimmer’s ear?

Here are some top 3 tips for preventing swimmer’s ear in kids.

1.  Use BioEars from Cirrus Healthcare - the only anti- bacterial silicone earplug that kills germs associated with earplug contamination, dirty water and contamination though handling. The Activ- Aloe in the plug kills germs within the ear-canal creating a balance to re-establish ear health.

2.  After swimming, encourage your child to use ClearEars- water absorbing earplugs thus not allowing water to stagnate in the ear and cause further problems.

3.  DON’T put objects in the ear canal (including cotton-tip swabs, pencils or fingers). Scratching the skin of the ear canal can let germs get in under the skin and cause infection. Also wax is there for a purpose and helps create a protective layer within the ear- wax is not dirty.

If your child complains that her ears feel itchy, it could be because of an early swimmer’s ear.  You might try using EarHurts which has active ingredients embedded in the plug to heal the ear. The natural ingredients are anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti- inflammatory thus healing the ear gently from within with no added medication.

Remember September is Hearing awareness month in SA, so remember to care for your ears with the only medicated range of earplugs in the world- Cirrus Healthcare Products

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