Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Take care of what you have ....

Ear care (did I just swear?)
…  It being a very unpopular and under appreciated thing, should be something of the past. There are but only a handful of people who honestly take care of their own and their family’s ears. With our lack of listening closer and more carefully we tend to put things louder, therefore enhancing the possibility of damage to our ears.

Here are some questions that need answering:

Do you have ears?
Can you hear?
Can you imagine being with out hearing?
People only start to worry about their ears once ear problems occur. Are you one of them?

When I start talking to people about ear care, most start pulling a face, others start asking questions and telling stories about their bad experiences involving either them or their children. Whether you are interested or not, you need to be aware of damages and the care to prevent it.

Loud music playing in the car and on earphones. Loud machinery. Instruments playing at close range. At shooting ranges. At Building sites. In mines.  People screaming at events or maybe, blowing the vuvuzela. I can go on for hours. This affects us all.
All of this and many more are the cause of irreparable damage to your hearing.
The key word we should focus on here is PREVENTION. Follow the saying, “Prevention is better than a cure “ because in this case, there is no cure.
Hearing loss creeps up on you, and before you realize what’s going on the damage is done.. Do you want to live in silence???


Why don’t you take the first step and visit an Audiologist to have your ears tested. Have your baby’s ears tested. Other than that, there are affordable earplugs in the market.
Take responsibility today, save the ears of your family …. 

Cirrus Healthcare has a range of products that provide different levels of noise reduction for different applications.


Monday, 9 May 2011

Ear Care

We left a chilly Pretoria in the wee hours and were looking forward to a week at the coast, none more relieved than I to be leaving the work , school run and constant sinus problems behind me. As we reached Van Reenens pass and passed the half way mark I noticed that my ears “popped” and kind of “unblocked”.

The weather at the coast was a heavenly 25 degrees and we spent a glorious few days on the beach , but by the third day the wind had picked up and far be it for a little wind to spoil what precious few days we had left to enjoy our last few swims in the ocean.
By the evening my ears were not happy and I had awful pain. Probably a combination of sea water, wind and of course the fact that I had forgotten to protect my ears by bringing my medicated earplugs along.

“Oh well” I thought, it will “blow over” (no pun intended) but ignoring the problem was not really the solution.
To avoid an unpleasant trip back , something had to be done and I was just grateful that it was not one of the children with the problem as it is so much harder to cope with kids with sore ears.
Luckily I found a pharmacy in the area who stocked the Cirrus range of ear  products and got hold of some EarHurts and after inserting one of the plugs into the affected ear , there was huge relief by the next day!!
How grateful I am that I avoided a doctors’ visit and could enjoy the rest of my holiday.

I can certainly recommend using these products.

   Eleni Kyriazis

Hi Eleni, The lesson learnt here is to be prepared and know that ear pain usually strikes when you least expect it (like the evening or the middle of the night). I have learnt from experience to carry Earhurts with me everywhere.

Thanks for your email , Penny