Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This Ear'hurting Winter!

So we are in the throes of winter, that means cold and ear ache. I have a daughter that suffers with her ears and the cold of winter is always very cruel to her. I recently dropped her off at school and as she exited my warm car she was struck by the cold winter air. She immediately grabbed her ears and screamed mommy (kids default word for everything happening in their lives). I was quick to the rescue and whipped out my EarHurts, which she inserted into her cold, painful ear and sighed a big thank you. Mom to the rescue yet again.
Moms be prepared, this winter is harsh on our children’s ears and if you like me you hate sending them into the cold unarmed.
Ear pain usually strikes at the most inconvenient time like then at 7am at school and 12 o’clock at night when aid is far from reach.
I always keep a pair of EarHurts handy for just such an occasion.

Hope winter is over soon!