Thursday, 14 April 2011

Save Our Ears- 13/04/2011
This blog is dedicated to giving readers useful information regarding ear care. Why Ear care?When Cirrus Healthcare Products launched into SA 3 years ago, professionals and consumers were completely in the dark about the concept of taking care of their ears. Never before had such an emphasis been placed on using products that could naturally prevent reoccurring ear problems. As a mom this was a topic close to my heart as I had had 2 children that from young suffered with ear infections. tired of using the usual antibiotics to cure the problem I wanted a form of natural and easy prevention that my children and I could administer without much fuss.
Not only do my kids use the products but so do I. I have become addicted to having a peaceful nights sleep without being disturbed by barking dogs or thunder.
I will be posting regular information tips to assist who ever reads this to care for their ears.

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