Friday, 24 June 2011


If you have not yet heard that sticking a cotton ear bud down your ear canal is not good for you….. where have you been?

After I read a tweet on twitter where somebody said that they received this information from their doctor, but have been using them for a decade and nothing has gone wrong.  
….. YET!!!

It hit me, that seeing that I am in the Ear care industry, it would make more sense to me that sticking things down that small canal mm away from or actually poking at your ear drum would / will cause damage.

To defend my common sense theory and this being advise that all good doctors , Audiologist and Ear nose and Throat Specialist / Surgeons give, I googled the subject and merely typed in, ‘cotton buds cause ear damage’ that I planned on forwarding to the individual to persuade them to LISTEN …. No pun intended.
Matter of for meters appeared.

With all this information on the internet, I find it hard to understand that most people are either ignorant or just uninformed about ear care.

I learned (from spot reading) through all of these studies, journals, articles from doctors and many more that a cotton bud can cause a rupture in your eardrum (aka - Tympanic membrane perforation) .  It can either heal by its self or in more severe cases it can cause:

1)   Loss of hearing
-       cause by damage to the ear bones – permanent hearing loss
2)   Facial paralysis and vertigo
3)   Middle ear infection
-       The eardrum also acts as a barrier to keep outside material (such as bacteria) from entering the middle ear. When the eardrum is perforated, bacteria can easily travel to the middle ear -causing an infection.
And much more.

Like I always say, I would choose to be safe than sorry, rather use preventative ear care, than to have to wait for a cure, because … there is no cure for hearing loss.

Protect and look after your and your families ears. They are worth it.

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