Friday, 17 June 2011

Hearing Loss is a disease of civilization

Modern technology has created a high decibel environment from which it is not easy to escape!!
Car stereo, I pods, Cell phones even Traffic and noisy public spaces (sports events, Rock concerts , restaurants) Over the last few years with the rise of industrial society, noise levels have increased dramatically but our ears have not evolved to cope with these. Music for its own reasons has gotten louder, to the point of creating a public health hazard.

The length of exposure is a crucial factor in hearing loss. A constant 100 decibel level can cause damage after two hours!! During the 2010 soccer world cup
Many people suffered temporary or permanent hearing loss. The average sound exposure experienced by spectators was 100.5 decibels with peak exposure that exceeded 140 decibels by spectators blowing vuvuzelas.

Sound pressure levels of familiar everyday sounds:
Normal conversation – 60 db
Baby crying – 70  db
Noisy restaurant – 80 db
Approaching train (people on platform)- 100 db
Chainsaw – 100 db
Rock concert – 120 db
Pain threshold – 130 db
Jet engine/gunshot – 140 db
Rocket launch pad – 180 db
With all this information does it not make sense to protect your ears and those of your family??
Earplugs with a high decibel rating go a long way to protecting your ears and ensuring that they will be healthy for many years to come!!

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