Monday, 27 May 2013

Earhurts ...

Winter is wearing me down, and it has not even properly begun!! The endless merry-go-round of allergies,sinus and congestion then the coughing and sore throat!
I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! but what has truly been a life saver are these EARHURTS. What do ears have to do with sinus and flu you may ask? Well as i discovered
quite a lot!  Whilst spending my birthday in bed, miserable popping antihistamines and vitamin C i decided to use my earhurts as well to see if it would make a
difference and to my surprise it most certainly did!! the sinus pain and blockage was eased and the head pain was considerably eased by the use of these amazing
earplugs. I would recommend them to anybody suffering from sinus, flu or a blocked nose. They helped me and they will help you too and the bonus is it is all natural!!
Eleni Kyriazis

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