Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ears a fascinating organ!

Voltaire called the ear the "road to the heart." It seems an apt description. Considering how a child's cry, a romantic song, or the thump of a neighbor's stereo at 3 a.m. can stir your emotions.

Ears not only let us hear, but they also play a role in maintaining our balance, which is vital to our ability to function in daily life. Yet, we ignore them. We can't even see our ears, except in a mirror.

We take for granted what they do for us day in and day out -- until we notice something's wrong, such as when an earache strikes or when we start having to ask people to repeat what they say.

I learn each day something new about ears, today I learnt that exercising takes vital blood supplies away from our ears and directs them to our legs, arms and body. This movement of blood away from our ears makes our hearing more sensitive so if you are listening to ear phones whilst exercising it could damage your hearing more.

Wow is that not amazing, so if you are listening to music whilst exercising, keep the level low and monitor the duration you listen for.

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